VCR 8x8 en FEINDEF 2021. Source - Armies Magazine.

Beyond Predictive Maintenance

By now, all our readers know what the concept of “predictive maintenance” encompasses and what advantages it offers over traditional or reactive maintenance. The Spanish company EM&E (Escribano Mechanical & Engineering) intends to go one step further with its weapon stations, adding integrated learning and monitoring, which will allow first and second echelon maintenance personnel to perform tasks hitherto reserved for higher Levels. This project was initiated at the proposal of the MALE (Army Logistic Support Command) and its success will be key to the future Technical Life Cycle Support Office (OTACV) of the VCR 8×8 Programme. During the Cold War, the presence of tens of thousands of Warsaw Pact battle tanks was one of the main threats facing NATO Member States. The same was true of Eastern air forces and their navies, given the sheer numbers of platforms they […]