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Armed Forces

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force is, with the permission of the US Navy and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy, the most comprehensive, powerful and balanced naval force in Asia. By converting its Izumo-class “helicopter destroyers” into light aircraft carriers, acquiring F-35B stealth fighters, a host of world-class escort ships, and the most sophisticated submarine force in the region, They have become a reference over the years. What’s more, in the midst of an increasingly complex regional climate and with a Government determined to increase defense investment to the extent necessary to maintain Japan’s independence and security, all indications are that in the years to come this force will not rather than grow in size and capabilities. The director of this publication, after many months of waiting, has finally agreed to publish a series of three articles focused on the […]

Armed Forces

Republic of Korea Navy

The Republic of Korea has gone from having a largely coastal navy focused on North Korea to one with growing ocean capabilities and equipped with some of the most modern and well-armed ships in the world. Moreover, far from acquiring them from third countries, over the years it has taken advantage of both the lessons learned and the undeniable capabilities of its civilian naval industry (the largest in the world) and arms industry to design and build not only first-class warships class, but also missiles and systems of all kinds with which to equip them. In a few years, moreover, it is possible that they will have new aircraft carriers thanks to British help, with which, together with the People’s Republic of China and Japan, it would be the only navy in the region capable of deploying considerable air-naval power, […]